First of all, this isn’t an article written to convince you of why you should BUY BasicBranding’s On-Site SEO services. It’s an article written to remind you WHY your website should have SOLID, on-site optimization done. If you’re too overwhelmed by the sheer amount of DIY SEO tutorials out there, then DO NOT OVERLOOK YOUR ON-SITE SEO. Just get it done by an SEO professional.

Here’s Why:

1. If you’re in a relatively non-competitive industry, solid On-Site Optimization will shoot you to page one.

Don’t believe me?

BasicBranding launched OCCASIONSBYSHANGRILA.COM in August 2013 after rebranding, redesigning their website using WordPress AND optimizing their site for search engines (On-Site SEO). Four months later they are number one for Orlando Wedding Decor. FYI – they weren’t even in the top 100. They’re business has exponentially grown.

Just in case you were wondering – we did NO Off-Site SEO for this client. None. Zilch. Nada.

Need more convincing? Let’s move on to point number 2.

2. It’s relatively easy to do your own On-Site SEO. Just DO IT. 

Here’s a super simple tutorial if you’re too overwhelmed by the great tutorials of at SEO MOZ.  (If you’re not overwhelmed, please head there!)

a. Do the Keyword Research. Head over to Google Adwords. Use the Keyword Opportunities option under Tools. Type in what you THINK you should rank for. Google will spit out a bunch of keywords. Export those out. Filter out ones that don’t have anything to do with your business. Try to get it down to like 50 keywords.

b. Keyword Map Your Selected Keywords. Create a google spreadsheet. Import in the keywords you downloaded in step one. Now MAP the keywords to you target landing page by identifying URLs in column next to the keywords column. What does this mean? It means you need to identify landing pages for your keywords. This is going to be very important if you decide to implement off-site SEO strategies. Create landing pages for groups of keywords if you can’t find a target page on your existing site. BasicBranding TIP: Drop the keyword with the highest search volume in the URL itself. You’ll thank me for this when you see an even bigger boost in rankings!

c. Meta Titles: Now sort your URL column so that all your matching URLS & Keywords are grouped together. This will make it much easier to create title tags that utilize as many of your target keywords as possible. Create a fourth column with the formula =len(metatitlecell) . This will count the characters in the Meta Titles cell. Why is this important? Because SEO BEST PRACTICE is that your title shouldn’t be longer than 59 characters. It used to be 69 characters but Google decided to be Google and changed the font-size of titles so that we have less space to work with. (Sad Face).



d. Meta Descriptions: Now create your fifth column – Meta descriptions. This should be about 169 characters in length. I prefer to put the Brand Name in the description and list out why a user might find it valuable to click on this search result as opposed to another search result. Don’t forget to create a character length column for the description too. It’ll make your life much easier.

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 1.57.33 PM

e. Landing Page Creation: Now that you know what new landing pages you need, create the new landing pages you need. Make sure the content reflects the keywords that you identified for that landing page. Maybe use some H2, H3 tags for keywords that make no sense in a sentence. For example: ‘Web Design Hoboken’. I’d use that as a header instead of trying to make a readable sentence.

f. Implement Meta Titles & Descriptions: Now that you’ve got your handy spreadsheet and you’ve creating your landing pages. Add the WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin  . Go page by page and add in your meta titles and meta descriptions in the box that appears below your visual editor. Make sure you update each page.

g. Track your rankings: Now before you go make a sandwich after a long day of SEO, make sure you run rankings using  a free rankings tool like We use a professional tool, but you can use this if you’re not ready to buy a professional tool! This is IMPORTANT so you can track how well you did!

h. RESULTS: You’ll begin to see the result of your hard work in about 1 to 3 months!!

Whew. My fingers are tired from all the typing! You’re probably wondering how long this should take you. I suggest you set aside a solid 8 – 12 hours to do this right. It’s mind-numbing work, but SO SO worth it.

3. If you don’t do your ON-Site SEO, you’ve got NO chance at ranking. NONE. Show me a website that ranks that hasn’t knowingly or unknowingly optimized their site for SEO. I dare you.


Comment below and tell us about your awesome results!

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