Neera Bahl & Associates, LLC.

Neera Bahl & Associates, LLC.

Neera Bahl & Associates, LLC. Case Study

Atlanta Immigration Law Firm

The Situation


Neera Bahl & Associates, LLC. came to us with the goal of enhancing their online presence. Their old site was in static HTML, was not generating leads, and was costing them a hefty monthly fee.

Online Visibility

Due to the lack of on-site optimization, Neera Bahl & Associates, LLC. was nowhere to be found online in their target market, namely Atlanta Immigration Law Firm.

Conversion Optimization

Lastly, their website’s only manner of lead generation was a telephone number on an obscure page deep into the website.

The Results


  • Replaced the previous static html site with a responsive site that can be viewed on multiple mobile devices
  • Introduced a content management system (CMS) for easier updates.
  • Set Up Google Analytics for Tracking
  • Set Up Google Places to help Occasions be found in search engines.
  • Reorganized Content for easier content organization.
  • Added call to actions and in-depth lead generation form to qualify leads and allow for better tracking.

Visibility in Search Engines

Neera Bahl & Associates, LLC. is ranking for every target keyword in their industry.