Southwest Aquatics

Infant Swimming School + Swim Facility in Orlando Florida




The Situation


SouthWest Aquatics came to us with the urgent need to get their website up and running asap.  Their old site had been hacked and their old web developer was no where to be found.  Their old site did not have an integrated blog, was not built on a content management system and did have any clear call to actions.

Lastly, their content was organized in a hum-drum manner, non engaging manner > about, lessons, swim team, etc.

Online Visibility

Due to a lack of on-site optimization, SouthWest Aquatics was not visible in search for it’s target market.

Conversion Optimization

Their content did not highlight the gorgeous shots of children swimming under water or the many videos of babies swimming underwater.

Lastly, their website’s only manner of lead generation was a telephone number and address on an obscure page deep on the website.

The Results


  • Replaced the static HTML site with a Content Management System.
  • Made the site responsive so it can be viewed on multiple mobile devices Introduced a content management system (CMS) for easier updates.
  • Set Up Google Analytics for Tracking
  • Reorganized Content for easier content organization.
  • Added call to actions and in-depth contact form to qualify leads and allow for better tracking.
  • Added an interactive directory for instructors trained at the SouthWest Aquatics Facility.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 5.39.22 PM

Visibility in Search Engines

Southwest Aquatics’ visibility increased exponentially in search engines once we launched their new optimized site.

Search Engine Reports

Only  one month after launching, Southwest Aquatics was finally just one spot away from page one in google for ‘infant swimming instructor locations’.
Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 5.49.22 PM

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