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Theme + Your Colors + Your Font + Your Content
Perfect for low functionality, aesthetically beautiful sites.

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Foundation Blog

Foundation Portfolio Site

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What you’ll get:

This package includes:

  1. A custom-designed website header using your existing logo or a new text based logo.
  2. Three recommendations for the perfect WordPress theme for your website.
  3. Proposed content structure and navigational hierarchy
  4. Up to five hours of design customizations to chosen theme
  5. Up to five hours of website setup, including technical configuration, content insertion, etc.

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A Detailed Breakdown of What You'll Get
  • Installation of the theme we select together.
  • Installation and configuration of all plugins to recreate theme demo.
  • Installation and configuration of BasicBranding’s must have plugins: Google Analytics, WordPress SEO by Yoast, W3 total Cache.
  • Installation and configuration of three additional plugins of your choice.  E-Commerce not included.
  • Styling of the three additional plugins to match your theme. Examples include events, appointment request form, etc.
  • Upload up to 20 pages of content.
  • Configuration of home page and sidebar to match theme demo.
  • Creation of a unique header to identity your brand using typography and/or existing logo.
  • Creation of a custom color scheme to matching your exiting logo and/or unique header.
  • Creation of Slides for Image Rotator – Includes a maximum of five slides, resizing of all images for slider, and configuration of slider settings from images you provide.
  • Customization of home page layout which can include additional widget areas if needed plus the removing or adding of additional content areas.
  • Configuration of conversion tracking goals to track your success via google analytics.
How it Works

Step One:

Once we’ve decided to work together, we’ll send you a document which includes the following:

  • Scope of the project: the package you’ve selected plus any add-ons and additional consulting.
  • Project Guidelines: start date, policies around deadlines and scope changes
  • A detailed timeline: So you know what to expect from us and when we’ll need things from you.
  • A one page contract: A simple contract that illustrates the scope of the project and a timeline that works for both of us.

Once you’ve reviewed the worksheet, we’ll send you a copy via docu-sign to sign digitally and send back.

Step Two: Questionnaire and Deposit

We’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to zero in on the colors, fonts and styles you like.  The questionnaire will help us see your business through your eyes. At the end of the questionnaire you will be directed to Paypal to submit a 50% deposit for your project. If you are uncomfortable with Paypal you can send us a check or we can take credit card over the phone.

Step Three: Theme Selection

Based on the above questionnaire we’ll send you three premium themes we think will be perfect for you. We’ll tell you:

  • 1. Why we think these are fabulous themes
  • 2. How we think each can be customized to match our vision.
  • 3. Any additional pros and cons to using these themes.

Step Four: Header Design & Revisions

Based on the timeline we’ve decided on in our agreement, we’ll send two concepts for the design of your website header.  Your header is like your logo, an important part of your online identity. We’ll use typography and colors that complement your existing logo if you have one. We’ll then refine the concept of your choice until we come to final design that we’re both happy with.

Step Five: Structure

Once the theme and header are finalized I’ll send a proposed outline for the structure of your website. You will also receive an invoice for your midway project payment once you’ve approved the theme, header design and navigation outline. Your ambitions may change during this process and this is a great time to revisit our project parameters to adjust timelines and costs.

Step Six: Theme Installation

We’ll install and configure WordPress, insert content, and install plug-ins as needed. (Since only five hours of website setup are included in this package, we’ll make strategic decisions about what your priorities are.) We’ll also install our chosen theme, insert the header that we created, and make design customizations to the theme. Every website is different but customizations include things like:

  • background colors, textures, etc.
  • the navigation menu (fonts, colors, layout, borders, background treatments)
  • the overall content styles (fonts and colors used across the website)
  • buttons and badges
  • photo galleries and slideshows

Your website will be hidden from the world under maintenance and only you and your team will be able to view it.

Step Seven: Site Launch

Once we have finished all of the above, we will be ready to launch. If you are still waiting on some content then we will send you launch instructions (super easy to do). Once we launch the site or once the launch instructions are sent, final payment is due. If you feel good about the above process then contact us. We’d love to work with you!


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